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My posts are never likely to be daily, but I am constantly on the look out for a good thing to write about. Except during the past one week.

The virus (I presume, I got better without antibacterials!) that got me this time was particularly nasty. I texted to a friend that I f**ked me so badly each time the fever spiked, that I was convinced that what I had was ‘gay fever’ and going by the way by spine ached during these days of being ill, I thought the virus caused ‘broke back fever’

Jokes apart I’m back at work. Mind is a bit rusty, but shall come back with a post shortly

Thanks anonymous reader, for coming this way & especially for passing this way again


One Comment

  1. gay n brok bk fevr??!!!:):):)…may b u shd cum up wid a jab for dis kinda fvrzz too.:):)..

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