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Last night I saw PGI in my dreams. Not my ex-girlfriend. PGI stands for Post Graduate Institute for Medical Education & Research. Located in Chandigarh – The City Beautiful – this place is a tertiary referral center for five states: Punjab, Haryana, J&K, Rajasthan & parts of UP. I think now one should also add Uttaranchal to this list.
What I dreamt was not my life in PGI, rather my exit from it. I was driving out in my brand new Santro with myCity Beautiful wife with a 14” television and the monitor of my Celeron 256 PC in the back seat. This is exactly what had happened in Dec 2001. But the importance of that is best understood in perspective. 




The year 1994, Sridhar & I ( I did pick up ‘Hi, myself Venkatesh’ from punjabi friends at chandigarh, but I’m normal now!) went to PGI to give the entrance exam. Sridhar got into Radiodiagnosis in Jan & I got into Internal Medicine in July of the fateful year. We had entered PGI with an old suitcase each – not branded, just bought off Sadar bazar in Delhi. Once allotted rooms in the hostel (good old Kairon block!), both of us had bought mattresses costing 150 bucks apiece (Indian rupees!). Those were all the assets we had apart from the shirts on our backs.


Eight years later, Sridhar was already in Boston and he missed this scene: I had joined a corporate hospital in Mohali and was shifting out of PGI campus a week ahead of my last working day there. There was a small one ton truck in front full of my effects: furniture, books, refrigerator and clothes. I had just bought the car I was driving and was the proud owner of my small TV & the desktop in the back.


I commented to my wife that everything in the truck and the car – every single thing except her – was earned & not bequeathed: including the two medical degrees which would later be my passports to better jobs. At that precise point we were passing the main gate of my Alma Mater. Impulsively I pulled over outside. We both got off the car and watched the main entrance. We silently paid homage to great institute that made our life and got into the car & drove off.


What I am today is what you have made out of me: Thanks PGI…




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  1. hmmmm.indeed,a grt homage…

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